Tourism Relief Fund (TRF)

London Convention Centre Cooperation, which operates as RBC Place London, is honoured to have received funding as part of the Tourism Relief Fund (TRF) to modernize its operations and enhance protocols to meet health and safety requirements for all who enter our establishment. Project activities include:

  1. Implementation of 3-D planning software for virtual event planning
  2. Implementing ticketless technology to limit physical touchpoints for guest attendees and guests
  3. Upgrading the wi-fi network to facilitate seamless online interactions between event organizers, show participants and attendees
  4. Upgrading the building automation software, installing new controls to improve internal air circulation and air quality
  5. Installation of a brand new digital communication and promotional sign in the front of our building to provide information on upcoming events, and welcome delegates back to the venue.


Canada Community Revitalization Fund (CCRF)

RBC Place London has also received funding from FedDev Ontario as part of the Canada Community Revitalization Fund (CCRF) to renovate the King Street Patio, adjacent to RBC Place London, a major convention and event venue in the heart of downtown London.
The project has created a vibrant, accessible outdoor space able to accommodate up to 500 guests for organized events, and has truly enhanced the guest arrival experience from the bus rapid transit corridor.  The revitalized patio now provides an attractive, accessible, and safe space for social gathering by both residents and visitors. The funding has supported the revitalization of a community space that showcases graffiti artworks of nationally recognized artists, complete with barrier free paths constructed with environmentally friendly permeable paving, LED lighting, drought-resistant native plants and shade trees, and a large accessible patio.

We couldn’t be more excited for these upgrades to our facility in order to enhance guest experience and encourage the growth and support of London’s Tourism Industry.

3D Event Viewer Software

Exterior Digital Sign Installation

King Street Patio During Construction

Installation of LED and Spot Lighting on Patio

King Street Patio After Revitalization